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Allen HCCT Restoration

The Project

These things are not easy to find, so I was very appreciative when a good friend sold this one to me. Thanks Russ!

It was in a state of disrepair and the gauge(s) were missing, but we knew it had potential. All the major pieces were there and it was in relatively good condition ... an excellent candidate to restore. 

Many thanks to my friend Don for loaning me his magnet charger. It worked great! I assembled the flywheel with the fresh magnets, got it mounted in the HCCT, repacked the grease cup, installed the handle, aligned the drum, and adjusted the needle. 

**Bob Cascisa (RMC Engineering Services LLC) custom built the gauges for me and they look fantastic. I highly recommend his services. Here is his contact information:

"Hand Cranked Coil Tester (HCCT) Meter Repair
Weston, Jewell and others Repaired, Refurbished and Calibrated.
Non-HCCT Meters Converted to HCCT Meters.

RMC Engineering Services LLC
24016 Vinland Terrace NW
Poulsbo, WA 98370-9496

Fri-Sat-Sun only please."

The restoration project is complete, and it works. Smile. Spark ring, spark plug, ammeter, voltmeter are all working properly. I don't plan to wire in the magneto test post, but I will be wiring up the magneto horn post.

I have posted my version of the wiring diagram (wiring for dummies), along with hints and tips for proper assembly ... There isn't much to it, but, just the same, you can easily get it wrong. Feel free to download the diagram below.

As you can see in the pictures that follow, my gauges have brass-faced rings. The original ones would have been black, but I think these give the overall unit a unique, attractive appearance. 


Download the HCCT wiring diagram above

Allen HCCT Model T Coil Tester - Super Slow Motion

Slow-mo video HCCT